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Cornish Pedale ST2

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Pedale ST2
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Originally designed for inclusion in the range of Effects Boards created for Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, the PETE CORNISH ST-2™ has a long history of preference by professional rock musicians as a vital part of their custom built PETE CORNISH™ Effects Pedalboards and Rack Systems.

The ST-2 features a superior RFI rejecting input and bypass buffer stage feeding a discrete Class A transistor multi-stage amplifier that has the carefully controlled gain structure with added adjustable Gain and Tone correction circuitry needed by today’s active rock musicians. The ST-2 has wide range “GAIN”, “TREBLE”, “BASS” and “VOLUME” controls and we recommend that try some of settings shown below, making small adjustments as you play. The “Neutral” or “Unity” settings of the controls are: Bass/Treble - 12 o’clock; Gain – fully counter clockwise; Volume - 3 o’clock.


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