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Pedale Silver Kiss
  • Pedale Silver Kiss

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Pedale Silver Kiss
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Silver Kiss Mk. II is three pedals in one - a low to medium gain dynamic overdrive, 3-band equalizer, and clean boost all rolled into one small package.

The overdrive character is highly dynamic and amp-like - clear and detailed, with a very natural sounding note decay. Picking dynamics galore, from just breaking up grit to full on overdrive all depending on how hard you attack the strings.

The 3-band EQ is the heart of the Silver Kiss Mk. II. It has a very effective EQ curve, not just a simple cut style arrangement. The Treble control tames the brightest amps, or can add as much sparkle as you wish. The Mids control ranges from fully scooped to woody mid-rich tones. The Bass control can tighten up a loose, flubby low end or fill out the bottom end without muddying up your tone.

The Silver Kiss Mk. II can also be used as a completely clean volume booster since the overdrive can be dialed out of the circuit entirely and the EQ can be set completely flat.


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