Aston Element Bundle


Like all Aston Microphones products, the Aston Element Bundle microphone incorporates a large number of innovative solutions, the result of an 18-month research and development phase. From the new Ridyon ™ capsule technology, capable of ensuring superior low cost performance, to customized anti-shock support; from the fine chassis design to the magnetic pop filter; up to the LED backlit logo (nicknamed Aston Microphones: "cool light") which acts as a 48V phantom power indicator - every aspect of this microphone goes far beyond the limits that we find in products that are in its range of prices


Main features:
Class A side-active studio microphone with single cardioid polar pattern
Exclusive Ridyon ™ capsule technology
Active moving coil technology, with superfast transient response and extensive low frequency response
Translucent purple logo backlit as an indicator of 48 V phantom power.
Microphone voicing developed through multiple public voting stages globally
Includes an anti-shock mount with a patented pop filter

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