Aston Element Voters Limited Edition


Special edition of the Aston Element Class A active studio microphone, with cardioid pattern and Aston backlit badge. Characterized by a sound created thanks to the contribution of a public voting committee, the Aston Element is the perfect microphone for home studios, excellent for male / female voices and guitars.


Available ONLY to members participating in the Aston Developer Panel
• Special price, discounted by 25%, reserved for participants in the initiative
• Limit one microphone per member
• Comes with an official Aston Family Developer certificate, a thank you letter from James Young (CEO of Aston), an exclusive badge, a set of personalized stickers and digital logos for social media and web
• Only 2500 specimens available worldwide

• Side-fire microphone with single cardioid shooting pattern
• Exclusive capsule technology
• Translucent backlit purple badge
• Microphone voicing developed through multiple public voting stages
Microphone size: 162.8mm (height) × 58mm (width)
• Microphone weight: 275g

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